Tammy Slaton Remembers Her Late Husband Caleb Willingham


1000-Lb Sisters Tammy Slaton Remembers her Late Husband Celeb Willingham.

Tammy Slaton, known for her appearance on “1000-Lb. Sisters,” recently shared an emotional TikTok video addressing the passing of her husband, Caleb Willingham. On July 1, 2023, Slaton confirmed that Willingham had died at age 40. Fighting back tears, Tammy expressed her grief and love for him, acknowledging that their relationship had its challenges.


While Tammy didn’t go into the specifics of Caleb’s death, she explained that it was a deeply personal matter that she preferred to keep private. Despite the pain, she expressed gratitude for the support and comments from her fans, assuring them that Caleb was now free from suffering and in a better place. Tammy specifically addressed a follower who had left a comforting message, thanking them for touching her heart. She emphasized that she believed Caleb was watching over her and no longer in pain.

Closing her heartfelt video, Tammy declared her love for her fans and revealed that Caleb loved them too. She expressed appreciation for the love and support she had received during this difficult time.

Tammy Slaton

Caleb, also known as “Killa K” and “Double K,” had made a few rare appearances on Tammy’s TLC show. They met while Tammy was undergoing treatment at a rehab center, and their love story unfolded from there. They got engaged in October 2022 and exchanged vows the following month, describing their wedding day as perfect and filled with love. Reports of their split surfaced in May, allegedly due to Caleb’s failure to follow his rehab diet. However, the exact cause of his death has not been disclosed.

Tammy’s TikTok video provided an intimate glimpse into her grieving process and her deep love for Caleb. It touched the hearts of many, reminding them of the profound bond they shared. As Tammy navigates this difficult time, her fans continue to offer support and love during this challenging period of her life.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to Tammy Slaton and the entire Willingham family during this difficult time. May Caleb’s soul rest in peace.

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