Eric Tang Hag and Jadon Sancho SHOCKING CONFLICT.

Manchester United’s Coch Eric Tang Hag and Jadon Sancho have been making headlines for some time due to their conflict. But now, Manchester United players have also shown their support in the quest to solve the problem.

In recent times, there has been some sort of heat going on between United’s head coach Eric Ten Hag and Jadon Sancho. Fans are really curious and sad at the same time, but, a recent update hints tht Manchester United’s players seem to be supporting manager Erik Ten Hag in his ongoing dispute with winger Jadon Sancho. The relationship between the two appears to have deteriorated significantly after Ten Hag publicly criticized Sancho’s training habits following a defeat to Arsenal earlier this month. Sancho was notably absent from the matchday squad for the Arsenal game, and Ten Hag didn’t mince words when asked about the decision after the match.

Jadon Sancho

Ten Hag previously mentioned that Sancho was let out because of his weak performance in training. “In regards to his training performance, we opted not to include him,” Ten Hag admitted. “At Manchester United, you must consistently meet the required standards. We have choices to make in the forward line, and for this particular game, he was not in the selection.” Hours later, Sancho responded to his manager’s comments through a brief statement via social media: “Please don’t believe everything you read! I will not allow people saying things that is completely untrue. I have conducted myself in training very well this week. I believe there are other reasons for this matter that I won’t go into, I have been a scapegoat for a long time which isn’t fair!” He further continued and said, “All I want to do is play football with a smile on my face and contribute to my team. I respect all decisions that are made by the coaching staff, I play with fantastic players and grateful to do so which I know every week is a challenge. I will continue to fight for this badge no matter what!”

Much of Ten Hag’s frustration is believed to be linked to the fact that the England winger was reportedly late for training on multiple occasions. The social media response was seemingly the final straw for the manager’s patience. Three weeks later, it is understood that Sancho has been prohibited from participating in first-team training and utilizing any first-team facilities, including the dining room for the United.

The situation has escalated to the extent that other members of the United squad have stepped in and encouraged Sancho to issue an apology to Coach Ten Hag. Prominent figures within the squad, including the English trio of Marcus Rashford, Harry Maguire, and Luke Shaw, are reportedly among those who have urged Sancho to offer an apology to Ten Hag and make an effort to rejuvenate his stagnating career at United.

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