Giorgio Chiellini Praises Messi’s Inter Miami as the Toughest MLS Opponent

Giorgio Chiellin

LAFC defender Giorgio Chiellini recently shared his admiration for Lionel Messi, labeling them the most formidable opponent he’s encountered in MLS. Following a 3-1 defeat on home turf for the Southern California club, Chiellini not only acknowledged Miami’s excellence but also expressed his belief in their potential as playoff contenders.

Chiellini said, “To be honest, this team [Miami] is head and shoulders above any I’ve faced in MLS. Yeah, by a significant margin.”

Chiellini Added:

Chiellini also commended Messi for his contributions to both Inter Miami and the league as a whole.

“The addition of Leo to this league is highly beneficial, not just for Miami and the sport itself, but also for the increased attention that MLS is receiving. It marks a significant milestone for this league,” he expressed.

Messi echoed Miami’s aspirations of reaching the playoffs: “Our current objective is to secure a spot in the top eight and strive for the league title. This is our path, and as we continue to evolve, victories bolster our confidence.”

Despite recognizing the challenge posed by LAFC, Messi emphasized, “We acknowledged beforehand that this game would serve as a valuable test to gauge our capabilities and progress. Playing on a demanding field against a formidable opponent, the defending champions, this result is encouraging for what lies ahead.”

Messi also discussed Miami’s growth, noting, “Our team is advancing daily, a sentiment we’ve maintained from the start. We were fortunate to claim a title in the Leagues Cup and reach a final.”

Regarding his own physical condition and playing time, Messi affirmed, “I’m feeling good physically. I’ll continue to play, contribute, and support the team to the best of my abilities. I hope we can sustain this positive trajectory.

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