Missing Alabama Teen, Carlee Russell, Found Safe and Sound! 💖

carlee russell case update

Carlee Russell found update

Before Carlee Russell got vanished, the Alabama lady who went missing for two days last week looked for information about Amber Alerts, local bus tickets, and the action film Taken, according to authorities.

The information was one of many that the authorities released during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. They gave the most comprehensive description of what happened in the mysterious occurrence that has attracted widespread attention.

Carlee Russell, a 25-year-old nursing student, vanished on Thursday after she reported seeing a toddler stumbling by the side of the road to 911 and her brother’s girlfriend.

According to police, there is still no proof of a missing kid, and no other cars have reported seeing one along the busy section of road.

Minutes after the 911 call, first responders recovered Carlee Russell car and her things, including her wig, smartphone, and pocketbook, but they couldn’t find her.

Carlee Russell then went back home on Saturday, some 49 hours after she had first vanished.

Carlee Russell allegedly informed authorities once she reappeared that she had been abducted and kept by two persons until she was able to escape, according to Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis.

Carlee Russell claimed to have been kidnapped and had her eyes covered

Derzis claims that after arriving home on Saturday night, Carlee Russell informed police that she had been abducted by a guy who had appeared from the nearby trees as she stepped out to check on the child.

She said that the man scooped her up; she described him as having orange hair and a bald area. She said that after screaming, he pushed her into a car and over a fence. She claimed that the next thing she recalled was being in an 18-wheeler’s trailer.

Carlee Russell reported hearing a baby sobbing and the voice of an adult female.

Russell claimed that while she was recaptured after managing to escape the 18-wheeler and fled on foot, she was this time blindfolded.

What happened before Carlee Russell vanished?

According to a statement issued by authorities late Tuesday night, Russell purchased snacks at Target just before going missing, but they were not discovered with her other things.

Derzis mentioned during the press conference that Russell also left her office with a dark-colored bathrobe, a roll of toilet paper, and other goods before she vanished, none of which were discovered at the spot.

Authorities aired Russell’s 911 call, in which she recalls seeing a white male kid wearing diapers, at the press conference.

According to the police, a security footage taken on Saturday in Russell’s neighborhood shows her strolling down the sidewalk by herself before going home.

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