90 Day Fiance Brandan and Mary Wedding: SHOCKING REVEAL


Brandan and Mary from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is already married, and this shocking spoiler has turned the entire story of the young couple upside down.

According to the latest reports, 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way newest couple Brandan and Mary is already married. The new reality tv stars are both 23 years old, Brandan hails from Eugene, Oregon, while Mary is from Philippines. They became a couple after meeting on a dating app during a challenging period in Brandan’s life. However, Their relationship became toxic as both of them constantly glued themselves to their phones, even using video calls in intimate moments and family gatherings. Trust issues from Mary’s past led her to closely monitor Brandan’s activities throughout the day, but he was not much different in his behavior. Because of this, viewers of the reality tv show felt that the two will soon be separated.

A split in Brandan and Mary’s future may have seemed inevitable, but according to recent reports,  something unexpected & shocking reveal will take place in their storyline on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 5. Spoilers hint that the young couple, Brandan and Mary have gotten married already even before joining the show. The shocking plot twist was revealed by none other than Brandan’s mom Angela Stiggins who unknowingly spoiled the couple’s storyline. Let us tell you tht Angela posted several photos of Brandan and Mary on her social media which look like from their wedding ceremony. In the pictures, we can see Mary wearing a white wedding gown, and Brandan in a maroon tuxedo. 

Brandan and Mary

While Mary’s dress was white, the rest of the guests wore different shades of pink, probably sticking to the theme of the wedding. Mary’s side of the family dominated the guest list at the wedding, with only Brandan’s mother, Angela, representing his side.  Angela enthusiastically captured a heartfelt selfie with Mary and shared it on her social media, expressing her joy. The photos were posted on April 23, 2023, indicating that the wedding likely took place around that date or slightly earlier. In the comments section, Angela confirmed that the wedding ceremony took place in the Philippines, reinforcing the notion that Brandan has made a permanent move from his life in America to be with Mary. This significant step further solidifies their commitment to each other and their new life together. Reports hint that 90 Day Fiancé camera crews & production teams were present there & have filmed the entire ceremony. So, It is expected that their marriage will most likely be featured in the finale of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 5.

This spoiler is quite shocking, especially considering Angela’s newfound support for her son’s union with Mary. In the first episode of the season, Angela expressed her disapproval of their relationship. Mary had even forbidden Brandan from visiting his mother’s home due to her concerns about Angela’s female roommates. Brandan, feeling torn between his family and Mary, openly expressed his discomfort with the situation to the cameras. This contrast between Angela’s initial disapproval and her eventual attendance at the wedding adds an interesting dynamic to their storyline, leaving viewers curious about the evolution of their relationships and how they navigate these complex dynamics. However, now with this shocking reveal, the entire storyline has turned upside down & fans are really confused as well as excited at the same time for the next part of the story.

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